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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM); Optimization and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising are a way to get Your companys web site on the top of the seach page and catalogues in Russia Internet. Search engines in Russia are Yandex, Rambler, Google, Mail, Apport and about twenty other significant catalogues.

Number of Internet users has rised rapidly in the last five years. In 2006 there were 26 million Internet users in Russia. It is estimated that in 2009 there will be 70 million. Internet has become the most popular way of information search.

Competently used Internet can be efficent tool for marketing. Russian Internet is the cheapest way to get new contacts from potential clients in Russia. Internet Marketing in Russia is flexible, fast and the most efficent way to tell about Your company and Your products.

Search Engine Optimization, Optimization.

Most of the Internet users only look the results, which are on the top of the search page. You can get on the top of results by using Search Engine Optimization / Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization improves the way Your home pages is located in Internet. Search Engine Optimization will place Your company on the top of the Search results in Yandex and other search engines. Optimized page will also be found in the most important catalogues in Russia.



By using Search Engine Optimization Your company will get on the top of the search results.

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Search Engine Optimization is based on finding the most frequently used keywords. Optimization also includes catalogues and links (Full Optimization).

Results of optimization are usually shown in 3-4 months. Staying on the top of the results requires constant monitoring.

Search Engine Optimization Updating will keep Your company on the top of the results, where products and services are searched by using Russian keywords.

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