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Search Engine Marketing in Russia, -Adwords marketing, -Yandex.Direct adwords advertising / Markinvest

Adwords advertising / Pay Per Click advertising in Russia is easy and fast way to get good positioning in Yandex search pages. Adwords marketing Yandex. Direct.

When client searches information in Russian Internet by using products or services name, Yandex search engine shows it on top of the search page.

Russian clients will see the advertisement hundreds of times. Potential clients will recognize companys adwords advertisement / Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisement and will go to Your companys home page by simple clicking the advertisement.

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Companys Pay Per Click advertisement will come in sight of hundred thousands of Russian Internet users. Company only pays for clicks, which leads to their home page though advertisement. Search Engine Marketing is a simple an easy way to get good position in Russias most popular search engine - Yandex.

Adwords advertisemet /Pay Per Click advertising in Yandex Yandex.Direct

Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign in Yandex search engine is a good way to get "Our company" well known in Russia. Yandex is Russias most used search engine and hundred thousands of users will see your advertisement in Russia.

Clients which You will get though Pay Per Click advertisment are important, because they are looking exactly for Your product or service in Yandex search engine or search catalogues by using products or services keyword.

Markinvest Search Engine Markets specialists will help You in planning and carrying out the marketing campaign.

Yandex. Direct. actions:

1. Defining adwords marketing campaigns goals and budget.
2. Analyzing 20-30 of most used search keywords in Russia.
3. Planning adwords advertisement /Pay Per Click advertisement for Yandex search engine.
4. Creation of advertisement links.
5. Signing the contract and starting marketing campaign.
6. Markinvest will maintain campaigns results and will tune them to get the optimal results.
7. Markinvest will provide You with official results return.

Adwords advertisement / Pay Per Click advertising is an excellent marketing tool for Your company. It does not require registering at .ru or .su. . It also provides total control over the budget.

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