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MarkInvest SPb - Marketing services

We offer you our experience to assist in developing your business operations and account management in the Russian market. We have worked in the field of training and consultation since the year 1985. We have offices in both Lahti and St. Petersburg.

We and our customers have often noticed that knowledge of Russian business traditions and culture makes it easier for a foreign export company to operate in Russia. During the last three years MarkInvest, together with its customers, has completed about 200 market research studies. Over 100 business trips have been made. We have handled over 80 certifications and registrations of domains and trademarks. To date, the total number of exporting companies served by us is about 250.

Our range of services covers the needs of the more experienced companies, as well as companies planning to start export to Russia.

Our customers include exporting companies established in Russia and also companies planning or starting their business there. The process of exportation is different every time and the needs of customers are related to the existing situation. For companies starting up their export to Russia, the analysis of export preparedness as well as the business and negotiating trips offer useful knowledge. More experienced exporters take advantage of our export promotion services and Internet services. Our expert services have proved their importance both to beginners and to experienced export companies.


Export Strategy Planning
Export Concepts Competitiveness Research The foundation of an enterprise
Export Promotion Services
Expert Forums Market Research Business Trips
Expert Services
Trademark Protection Hygiene, Quality and Fire-Safety Certification Background Checking
Internet Services
Domain Registration Design and Maintenance of Websites Internet Marketing

Markinvest services

MarkInvest is consulting company, which specializes in marketing researches and companies internationalization management. Our services include such export supporting activities as export consulting and various services of export specialists. The most important activities of our company are organization of seminars and Internet services, Internet marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine advertising, contextual advertising, sales and marketing activities in Internet.

Marketing research, test marketing

MarkInvest Marketing research; conducts marketing researches for companies operating in different fields of business in the largest cities of Russia. Furthermore we conduct competitive capacity researches and studies of various markets. During marketing research companys products are described to the potential customers, on the other hand, competitiveness research makes clear companys competitive power in comparison with its major competitors and indicates the optimal means of activities on Russian market or shows the need of broadening companys operations in Russia.

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Internet-marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Contextual advertising, web promotion

MarkInvest Internet-marketing; plans Internet-marketing campaigns for the diverse purposes, including finding new clients, company development and growth, sales activities. Internet-marketing services are as follows: Search Engine Optimization in Russia, Search Engine and contextual advertising in Russia, measures of increasing number of Russian page visitors, home page improvement, and web promotion. MarkInvest Internet-marketing; also plans marketing research, test marketing and advertising campaigns for the new product in Russian Internet.

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GOST R, GOST K, UkrSEPRO - certificates

MarkInvest Certification; organizes receipt of GOST R, GOST K and UkrSEPRO certificates and settles customs questions. Export to Russia, export to Ukraine and export to Kazakhstan often require GOST R, GOST K and UkrSEPRO certificates. MarkInvestin offers certification services, which take into consideration companys current situation, searches for the optimal certification solutions, operates on the turnkey basic and takes care of such necessary GOST R, GOST K and UkrSEPRO certificates and documents like for instance Hygiene certificate and permission of ROSTEHNADZOR.

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Export/Import, Sales in Russia - Russia Forum

Internet has made possible to find business partners in export/import in Russia, Scandinavia and in the rest of Europe.

Internet is the most popular and efficient way to find information in Russia, promote selling and to be used as a marketing tool in Russia.

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Sales Promotion in Russia - Business Forum

Seminars and exhibitions are effective means to make sales promotion in Russia. These kinds of seminars and exhibitions are very popular.

Especially for companies seminars and exhibitions are the best way to make Sales Promotion and contact other companies in Russia.

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